How to use Wi-Free


Wi-Free is a unique software for free internet access through paid public Wi-Fi. It uses an innovative principle of sending and receiving data through ICMP or DNS protocols instead of usual TCP/IP protocol. With the help of these protocols Wi-Free transfers data to the global network and, through our servers, sends this data where you need. All limitations are avoided! Wi-Free is easy to install, user-friendly and convenient.

Downloading and installing Wi-Free:

  • Download Wi-Free Software HERE
  • Run installer and install Wi-Free (If installing on Windows Vista or 7, make sure to right click the installer and Run as Administrator)
  • If a message appeared asking for permission about TAP Drivers installation, allow it to be installed on your system

Signing up for an account:

  • Run Wi-Free
  • Click on Menu then Preferences
  • Under the login tab click on Signup for a Free Account
  • Input desired details and hit Signup button

Wi-Free Usage:

  • Connect to your desired Hotspot or ISP via Wifi or USB Modem
  • Once you get a connection, choose from one of the protocols, DNS, ICMP, TCP or UDP (I prefer ICMP because it’s more stable)
  • Click on START button and wait for message saying CONNECTED (you can see this message beside the signal bars on the Wi-Free software)


  • Wi-Free doesn’t work on some firewalls and anti-virus programs like ESET Smart Security. You might need to disable your firewall to be able to tunnel/connect using Wi-Free
  • If you have other proxy software installed like CProxy, make sure it’s not running before using Wi-Free
  • Check your internet settings, make sure it’s not using another proxy. Example for Firefox under Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings, make sure it’s set to No Proxy

If you have questions, feel free to drop a comment below so we can create our own Wi-Free FAQ.

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  1. is wi-free safe even your using it without encyption?

  2. i already have the voucher and i enter it.. the problem appearing in my computer that incorrect IP and error tunnel.. so, the result is i cannot use my wifree.. is there any i have to change in PROXY,SERVER,OTHERS IN REFERENCES so i can use asap my internet.. tnx.. please do reply asap thank you so much..

    • i am also face this same problem plz … i already have the voucher and i enter it.. the problem appearing in my computer that incorrect IP and error tunnel.. so, the result is i cannot use my wifree.. is there any i have to change in PROXY,SERVER,OTHERS IN REFERENCES so i can use asap my internet.. tnx.. please do reply asap thank you so much..

  3. I’ve been using Wi-Free for almost 2 years now without encryption. So far no problem with it since most of my sensitive accounts like gmail already uses https w/c is secured.

    @Jenny – I had the same problem before, found out that it was my antivirus. I was using Eset Smart Security, I needed to disable internet filtering everytime I connect to wi-free. I switched to Comodo Internet Security now. If you’re using other proxy software like cproxy, you need to disable it first. So far Wi-Free is the most stable compared to competitors like pdproxy and similar vpn services.. :grin:

  4. i am not that good in computer.. so i am asking for someone who could help me to connect my wifree.. i had recently repormat my computer it has no anti virus.. my, concern is where can i find the proxy you been telling me to disable .. or please contact me with this number 09228800973.. your help would be really much appreciated.. thank you :grin: :grin: :grin:

  5. Janette Sususco

    hi po..ask po sana ako bakit po ganito ung wifree using smart bro..1st use ko po talagang ang bilis..kaso pag dating ng gabi ayun anghina na talaga..1 wk na po hiondi ko na fel gamitin wifree…

    • Janette,if u have time try to vst my site, maka2long sau yan,andjan lahat ng info,orsetting para mgng ok internt u via wi-free

  6. hello,I am using wi-free on my mac book pro.I have an orange sim card in my usb modem but I am not sure if my credit or time will be used up on the card or not since I failed to connect with an MTN sim card that did not have credit on it. I am in Uganda,Africa.

  7. does wifree work ubuntu

  8. yes, wi-free works here in uganda. i get my vouchers from rory mabangis. his website is very trusted reseller. i save lots of shillings because of him. wi-free is good software

  9. Pliz chemong what simcard do u use to connect and with what modem here in uganda

  10. Pliz chemong what simcard do u use to connect and with what modem here in uganda. pliz send me mail or contact me via 256782109469

  11. my wi-free works perfect, after i hustled but am now senior. those in uganda / east africa can
    contact me via 256782109469 :lol:

  12. Thank you steve!

    I tried to visit website and the admin owner of that is a trusted authorized reseller of

    I am in kampala city, Uganda now. And i always buy voucher to larry alcantara owner of

    When i contact wi-free support they recommend or larry alcantara

  13. I am also from uganda and PD-Proxy is also working here it is much cheaper than wi-free but also does the work for me. I know a reseller in uganda just email this

  14. @ray: I tried PD but more stable in global market is Wi-free. Wi-free is friendly to use and very easy to download. Only 1click and ready to go compare to other VPN. Admin of told me that paying wi-free software is worthy, and yes it is i can prove it as a user now.

    Im using MTN here in Kampala City. And wi-free works fine. Also is a great provider of wi-free voucher premium account, his name is Larry Alcantara from philippines.

  15. hello.. am agaba john frm and i purchased a business mode 4 wi-free but it connect with the mtn SA network but my data bundles are also deducted … i really need the best setting or networksetting for any network which is south africa … Cell c, 8ta, mtn, vodacom

    • i think the mtn uganda settings that we use here in uganda can work for you.

    • I am in kampala city using MTN. Before,that is my issue too, but i purchased wi-free access to Larry Alcantara reseller of wi-fre he provided me the settings using MTN, now it works.

      • My MTN settings that used to work previously no longer work… don’t know what’s wrong or if MTN is just blocking it… any help?

        • hi!!!samr for me i think that mtn blocked ports that wi-free use to connect!!!!
          i am in IVORY COAST and i need help for this problem

        • i have new setting for wi-free, you can still get high speed internet in Uganda
          just contact on 0703316425

          • Wifree doesnt work, get over it already. Anyone who claims to have new settings and leaves an email add or a phone number is a douche… either leave it on the comment or get lost already.
            Tired of emailing and calling with no results.. >.<

  16. Hi! If you are in Uganda and need unlimited internet access straight from your Modem using an MTN SIM Card mapped to our global switch (no need for any 3rd Part Software), you only dial the Mobile Partner and you are good to go. Speeds upto 1mbps. Email:

  17. how do i subcribe for six month

  18. im using this in Tanzania, but all networks cannot configure with this, some cannot connect on mobile partner without credit on your line, if they connect when u load up it connects wi free but it uses up your airtime, the only one that connects network disconnects u after 10minutes, someone please get in touch and help me how it connects.

  19. Someone here email me if your interested on working on something better than wi-free. There are many tools out there we can use. Most especially with orange.

  20. does wi free work on an orange modem

  21. can someone please provide details on how to actually get wifree to work on linux/ubuntu.

    i have successfully installed it, its shows its receiving and sending packets, but it aslso showed me this msg:

    Failed to alter routing table. You should alter routing table in such way that all packets you want to go through our tunnel should go to, but all packets to (our server) should go normal way (as it was before you started wi-free)

    • Short manual how to use Wi-Free in terminal (Linux and Mac OS X versions)

      At the moment Wi-Free for Linux and Mac OS X works in console only (Terminal User Interface). This page gives instructions on how to run Wi-Free in terminal.

      Attention: Wi-Free must be run with root privileges (root is a special user account used for system administration). These privileges are necessary to configure network. The easiest way to get root privileges is to use sudo utility.

      1. Change directory to that one where you have saved Wi-Free. For example:

      cd ~/Downloads

      and set executable attribute for the file:

      For Linux:
      chmod +x wi-free-linux

      For Mac OS X
      chmod +x wi-free-macosx

      Note: Filename may differ, eg. some browsers may add .txt or .asc extensions to filename after download.

      2. Run Wi-Free by the following command:

      For Linux:

      For Mac OS X:

      3. Accept our terms and license and read this help:

      Wi-Free 1.09 (build 1305072724 from 2011-05-11 03:12:04)
      Copyright (C) 2009 MMC Networks Limited. All rights reserved.

      Usage: wi-free [options] [-g | ]
      wi-free -n
      wi-free -v
      wi-free -U

      -n Register new user
      -v Provide voucher code to credit your account
      -U Update servers list
      -g Login as guest
      -S Select the server to connect to
      -E Select external IP
      -T Test speed of all servers
      -e Encrypt transmitted data
      -u Try to use only UDP tunnel
      -t Try to use only TCP tunnel
      -i Try to use only ICMP tunnel
      -d Try to use only DNS tunnel
      -N Use this DNS server for DNS tunnel
      -s Selected subnet to use (default
      -r Do not set default route
      -D Do not use Wi-Free DNS server for normal lookups
      -p Use parent proxy:
      Supported proxy types: HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5
      -H Add extra header to CONNECT request for HTTPS proxy
      -l Display list of third-parties

      4. If you don’t have Wi-Free account you should get an account by this command:

      For Linux:
      ./wi-free-linux -n

      For Mac OS X:
      ./wi-free-macosx -n

      Then fill a few forms.

      5. There are command line examples to make connection with username “user” and password “123123″ (replace username and password to yours):

      For Linux:
      ./wi-free-linux user 123123 (try all connection protocols)
      ./wi-free-linux -i user 123123 (try ICMP protocol only)
      ./wi-free-linux -u user 123123 (try UDP protocol only)
      ./wi-free-linux -S -i user 123123 (try ICMP protocol with server selection)
      ./wi-free-linux -e -i user 123123 (try ICMP protocol with encryption)

      For Mac OS X:
      ./wi-free-macosx user 123123 (try all connection protocols)
      ./wi-free-macosx -i user 123123 (try ICMP protocol only)
      ./wi-free-macosx -u user 123123 (try UDP protocol only)
      ./wi-free-macosx -S -i user 123123 (try ICMP protocol with server selection)
      ./wi-free-macosx -e -i user 123123 (try ICMP protocol with encryption)

      • How to disable wi-free in ubuntu
        cos after using wi-free i can not use internet unless i start wi-free

        i mean i can not user chrome or mozilla no matter what proxy setting i use when my laptop is directly cconnected to internet but wi-free is off

        and when my laptop is directly connected to internet still i have to start wi-free after that only i can use internet on my laptop

        can anyone please help me
        i am using ubuntu


  22. Martin from Uganda
    wi-free is great and so stable
    U need the service call 0776123600

  23. wifree nolonger works with mtn, orange, warid n zain so u guys hv made astonishing losses

  24. whats the new setting for mtn uganda ?

  25. any solution to mtn setting

    • MTN network now not working here in uganda. Can some1 help me if there is new settings? Im really dissapointed because no one answer my question when i send a ticket to wi-free website. I send multiple reseller in website but only larry alcantara answered and give me combination of ports but still not working.

  26. Wi-free now works in Uganda. Call me for instructions. 0774505828

  27. please nsubuga email, me the instructions to make wi-free work again!

  28. yes wi-free is not working here in uganda . MTN network now not

  29. Hey, ad love to have those new settings… please send them to my email.

  30. Hi every body …
    I want these new settings can any body plz email me. my email address is given below.

  31. Wi-free is developing a new software that will work with MTN networks, I don’t know the release date yet but be waiting

  32. I need to know how to install wi-free on A66t smart phone

  33. Wow,…..
    I’ve figured it out……. Yupiiiii
    Just set the Local UDP port to “”0″” zero and it will connect you to the server.
    Happy browsing

  34. warid still works, but this week it has become very very slow for no reason. I wonder if they are also working on disabling wi-free.
    I won’t go back to ridiculous high prices. And @Hamid, your trick, it is to be used with which network?

    • hey what are the settings for warid

      • When i try to connect via warid it disconnects immediately. what are the settings

      • hi go to wifree interface,click on menu,preferences,networking then click
        Then click on ports were there is local ports put 8080.
        THen click on proxy,click enable parent proxy.http,in proxy ip port,put then port 8080.
        then click on advanced settings ,click on submite extra headers type in
        after the above instruction GO TO MOBILE PARTNER
        click on tools,options,profile management,new put profile name WEB,then APN STATIC TYPE IN

        guys it aslo works with mtn sometimes

    • when i try to connect to ward it automatically disconnect me if i don’t have credit. but when i got credit it takes all. if u have a solution prevent and make wifree work please help me!

    • Call me on 0702962460 for the Solution

  35. Now Wi-free is back settings
    check only Port 80 and 8080 in the list box and put call me (now) in Local UDP PORT.

    Number 0774505828

  36. somebody please send me wi-free latest settings

  37. Any one who knows a code reseller for wi-free I want to buy for one month. Any latest settings

    • I purchased my voucher credit to Larry Alcantara he is authorized reseller of that entertain worldwide customers. He also listed few ugandan in his official website 1month is=17,224 UGX
      3months=45,926 UGX 6months=74,628 UGX he respond timely tru email and skype. I hope that i help you such information. He is accepting resellers too.

  38. anyone got the settings for either MTN,Tigo,Airtel or Vodafone Ghana?Sucks have a premium account and cant do anything with it. :twisted:

  39. what are the settings for Warid Uganda

  40. hello
    really n need your help on connecting wi-free on MTN Uganda because am kind of new to the system
    also need [help] on connecting wi-free on ubuntu linux(full instructions) email me

  41. Please HELP!!!

    how to connect wi-free using Wared? what settings please? also what new settings for MTN?

  42. Hamid, Please Send me those tools to work on Orange Free Internet on Thank you so much in advance

  43. East African Alteernative


    I want to create my own niche to keep getting internet, don’t know if it will work, still in the implementing and testing phase. The thing is that me using it alone would be expensive, but if I were to sell the extra space, it would work.
    If I manage to get it up and running, who would be interested in 30000 ush a month with 100-250 gb a month? That is just an approximation. I will be sure if/when I manage to install the software.

    If it happens to really grow, the service will be able to move to bigger and stronger server which should bring more bandwidth.

    Best part, the service will be available in EA with support (Ubuntu, phone) included.

    Anyway, I will be sure weither or not it works by the end of this week.

    If it does, who would be interested in buying/testing some bandwidth.

    Wish me luck!
    I really want/need it.

    • I am interested if you are sure

      • East African Alternative

        Exactly. It should work theoretically.
        I will work on it, try it on and if it does work, ask 2 or 3 people (FREE) to test it. If satisfied, I will be selling the extra available bandwidth at what I think is a reasonable price.
        I’m very active online, youtube, wikipedia and some courses that I follow. The current system seriously doesn’t suit me and seems very much unfair (not to say a like cheat) to me, so I really need an alternative.

        Since I can’t find one, I’ll create it.

        As I said earlier, I’m currently busy with other things, hopefully by Thursday I’ll get back to it ask for testing by Saturday.

        In the mean time, pray that it succeeds because it will benefit many of us.

  44. East African Alternative

    I should be done with my current work in a day or two. Then I’ll get back to it. I’m hoping for the testing to begin by Saturday.

  45. hey all , am still not awre wat to use to get my wifree back coz my subscription is going to waste, pliz any 1 help me coz i also want to know how to use warid and orange on wifree

  46. East African Alternative

    Honest to God, I found a working solution with very high speed.
    Bad part: I am having troubles setting up accounts so that others might use it and the service provider wants to write me off because I am in in East Africa. Apparently, African aren’t allowed in due to a high number of frauds by Nigerians and Ghana.
    Trying to negotiate and see if they will make an exception.

    If not, I will have to set up everything myself and that I am not sure if I will accomplish.

    Fingers crossed.

  47. Whoever has a solution / an alternative, Call me on 0702962460 or email me on Am ready to pay

  48. Want to get back on wi-free? Here is how:

    - Buy Voucher from me (Mobile Money)
    - Recommend me to all your buddies for vouchers
    - Have (legal and safe) fun online.

    Trouble using/installing the software, locked modems: glad to help free of charge.

  49. Richard March 17, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    also is very happy!

    • Happy people is all I wanted to hear about.
      Now, I wanna be one of them so throw me your details at
      Thanks, and pardon the scepticism.

      • No prob bro. Believe me I totally understand you. Even I kept calling and emailing people who supposedly had the new settings, only to be told that they didn’t; they just felt like messing with people.
        That is why I made my own research (better understand how wi-free works) and testing.

        I will shoot you an email.

  50. People, Contact for Wi-Free Details

  51. thnx UGVPNet for the settings

  52. People, Contact for Wi-Free Details. In Return for this favour, First Buy a Wi-Free Voucher From Him. The Internet is Blazin Fast!!!!! Trust Me

  53. thanks goes to him for the wi free vouchers and settings that work.check him out at

  54. For wi-free settings send me an email @

  55. I bought a 1gb internet sim card and and a voucher from wifree. just before this afternoon i couldn’t connect anymore to wifree, its says error starting tunnel and tried again at 6:30 pm and the same result i got. i disabled my anti- virus already. when i checked my zte internet connection record, it has reached 1gb and i’m expecting to use it beyond that since it would be unlimited using wifree.
    at this moment i’m using wifree with my expired subscription of wifi, its working luckily but the wifi in our area is slow that’s why i’m using the usb modem which is 4x faster than my wifi. please help, i don’t know what to do…

  56. Thanks ugpvnet for the settings

  57. So wifree is back but my account expired, any one selling vouchers reach me on my email.

  58. wifree is back on mtn ?

  59. wifree is back on mtn ?

  60. ok thanks let me on if you get 1 con

    1 mb / more

  61. Wi-free is now working in Airtel and Warid network!
    I got my voucher card activation from larry alcantara he is a filipines.

    Guys try to contact him for assistance,he will reply quickly. He said there is Hope in MTN but no progres with the testing yet :-(

    • Is and is one?
      Im just curious because i found some guys posted as reseller to their websites. And larry is the owner of the netpro site, and inquiry and order process quickly. I tried to purchased 6months code yesterday from larry alcantara paid the amount of 74,628 UGX shilling, im using the voucher card now with warid network. I tried to contact wi-free ticket many times but the reply is delayed :-( what we do if we encounter such problem again. Larry is my money saver today.

  62. Wi-free is up and running at great speeds.

    For settings contact me on 0774505828 or email


  63. jb stop fooling us!! instead of asking for money to be sent to you before giving settings, why dont you meet your potential customers and first make the thingz work then they pay you. we are tired of swindlers!!!!

    • @ sun star

      I recommend to transact payment with larry alcantara he can also assist you trough yuor mail inbox. Yesterday i just buy 6months voucher card access cost me 74,628 UGX shilling plus fees for moneygram. They are very fast and legit to reply concerns as i noticed. Im also curious of some ugandan posted to his website maybe i will apply to avail discount too :-) but im scared if warid or airtl will be down again. Huhuhuh

  64. I paid to get the settings, so i sell them. There is no problem with that

  65. I paid to get the settings, so i sell them. There is no problem with that.

    if you don’t like it don’t bother

    Those who have paid have recieved there settings.

  66. Wi-Free is not working in saudi arabia well,
    only the ip is connect it’s DNS,
    Others are not connecting like UDP,
    the main problem is dns is so slow,
    please someone help me how i will stable the ip

    • You may try to contact or larry alcantara he might help your problem. As i noticed he is the reseller that has a big network in saudi arabia but he is based in philippines. He is a very trusted and authorized reseller for me.

    • salam maksud.. im here in saudi arabia riyadh im also reseller voucher code of wi-free. im also users of vpn via wi-free internet connection pl;s contct me im welling to help you.


      yahoo/skype id:pinoyreseller.wifree

  67. Wondered if any of your forum readers can help me.I an get a connection through Wi-Free using the DNS setting but when I use ICMP it won’t connect and says packet data to small-fail.Any one know what is wrong please?Thanks.

    • You may try to contact some resellers in their website but i recommend you contact Larry. He is faster reply compare to other reseller, he is worldwide coverage of wi-free transaction

      • hi rashid :smile: if u want avail.some voucher code of wi free try to contct me. im here in ksa riyadh..


        thank you

        • Thank you for your offer bert, but i am buying activation card from LARRY ALCANTARA and for almost 3years he is authorized reseller posted in the main website. Im trying to figure out your name but i can not see it in the resellers list. How much you offer in 1month card?

          • Rashid@ :smile: are u from uganda?i dont have profile on main website,but im also authorizd reseller here and saudi to contct me il gve u a nice deal! :smile:

  68. Hi! please I need to know if this WI-Free works in KSA using Mobily dongle and STC sim card?

    • Hello Yhell,

      Yes i am in KSA now using wi-free with STC dongle. Wi-free also work in MObily but i encountered error with the simcard so ive decided to switch my self to STC network.
      I get activation voucher from great service and highly recommended reseller named Larry Alcantara.

      • hello ahmed,
        can i use mobily sim for wi-free, coz here in my location mobily has a strong signal. but when i used mobily, i noticed that my load from the sim reduces. please help

    • kabayan.. reseller din ako ng wi free,, if u want to avail a voucher code,kindly contct me.. at pinoyreseller.wi-free– ym/skype pr call me +966532675210.. tanx you

  69. Hi Ahmed can I have your contact details here in KSA for more details with WI-FREE?

  70. for all those mean guyz in uganda kale atoba mulinga emmana. u luv mane to much even 4 tings dat r not neccesary. waama 4 those who need warid settings here they r;
    open wi-free
    click on menu
    go to preferences
    then to proxy
    check the “enable proxy” check box
    then insert: proxy port 8080
    thank me later

    • Mark, you’re the man… Indeed they are :D
      Been waiting for a brother to do the right thing and shit on these A-Holes…

      Thanks a bunch Mark.

    • its not to share such details on an site like this

      • hey guys how do u connect to warid because de modem automatically disconnects soon as it connects. do u have to first subscribe for some package or there’s another way

    • I hope you are proud of yourself. Thanks to your posting the settings in a public forum, the trick has now been closed.
      Do you even know how much effort, time and money requires to dig new settings?
      I was given new wi-free and pd-proxy settings, which by the way are very fast (minimum download speed of 200), and my friend and I have agreed never to share them because of guys like you.
      We’ve decided to become meaner and keep them to ourselves.
      Good luck to all of you.

      • Edwin Magezi

        You guys just don’t see the hopelessness of this. Whether u post the settings here or not, it’s SOOOOO easy for the guys in charge to find out what they are. You think they can’t pay the 30gs or so most of you guys here are charging for the settings? All they have to do is pretend to be ordinary fellows looking for a quick internet solution and you’ll give them the settings yourselves.
        Besides, this is a tech/software issue… network monitoring systems can alert when there’s more data being used than is being paid for. It’s always a matter of time with wi-free. It’s why I never bothered to pay for this shit again. Not in Uganda. Unless I find me a nice hotspot to use.

  71. I can’t connect now to wi-free using mobily. What is the new setting?

  72. What is the setting for mobily simcard user I dont have load it says you can connect even without a load

  73. here in kingdom of saudi arabia also reseller of wi-free voucher code, guys if u want to avail a voucher code try to contct me…

    contct me:+966532675210

    thank you

  74. please!!! I’m here in Saudi Al-khobar anyone? I have mobily connect card usb how to unlock? so I can use STC simcard…

    • yhell nag uunlock ako ng usb modem, any brand/models. 30sr only, pag na unlock ko, pwed u rin ako pasahan ng load stc voucher, kung ok lang sau..

      yahoo/skype: pinoyreseller.wifree

  75. Soon getting a Solution for MTN. Pray 4 me

  76. :smile: :smile: kabayan.if u want some voucher code of wi-free pls. Contact me ,im here ksa Riyadh.u can call me.+966532675210.or

    Yahoo id/skype:pinoyreseller.wifree,

    To all international client.using wi-free. U can email me at
    Contact me. At contact list above..thank you.

  77. How do you connect using warid because the mobile partner always disconnects as soon as the credit is finished. any ideas of keeping it connected?

  78. Is warid faster than airtel

  79. same speed! all the same

  80. Any idea or setting that can make the speed faster

  81. nah, no idea yet, n doubt if there will be any?

  82. Hi Richard how far with mtn wifree settings

  83. Hi, Im from NZ.

    I have been using Wi-free for 1 days, it works, but the speed is very very slow. The local hot spot is 54.0 mpbs but wi-free only 10.0mbps

    Can someone pls help me, I tried all 4 types already but none increases speed.


  84. Rey@try other hotspot server,wi-free sgnal it depemd on your serven.or. Go to menu wifree dshboard,server,then selct whch gud in ur location.

  85. Wi free with airtel is off.this sucks :shock:

  86. To all of you in Uganda, try and put aside two weeks of your life and spend tens of thousand of shilling and reduce the time you spend sleeping to 3-4 hours a night and you will find new fast settings.

    • Edwin Magezi

      If they’ve closed you out the first time, then I’m afraid airtel is gonna be like MTN. Those settings are going to be changed every week and that’s a dead-end for the wi-free solution.
      Find a hotspot & use it like it was meant to be used. Home base has been shut down :D

      • “Home base has been shut down”

        For you, not for me :mrgreen: :twisted:

        • Oh man, sometimes I wish I wasn’t so damn lazy. Then perhaps I’d show up some of you arrogant fellows at your own game. It’s all Comp Scie to me :grin:
          Wakeup call… you’re not the only one who knows their way around a computer (if u do at all :lol: ).

          • I’m pretty sure that I know my way around a computer better, and that I am definitely sure that I am better at grammar and vocabulary.

  87. And laziness isn’t a “virtue” to be proud of.

    Peace! :cool:

    • Oh I know, makes u wonder what kind of person is lazy and proud of it :lol:
      Grammar and Vocabulary? I didn’t know we were writing an essay.
      Anyway, enjoy your wi-free. If u can keep it to yourself, then I respect you for not being greedy.



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